Friday, August 3, 2012

AutoDesk Design Review 2013 (0x2: Failed to download component.)

I said yes to updating my Design Review (2011) to the current version (2013) and got the above error message.  The solution in my case was to download the MSI file.  (Note:  click on the language you want under the Choose Your MSI column after instruction 2 at the linked location.)

After unzipping the .zip file you can just run the Setup.exe file.  The principle difference is that the downloading has already taken place and the setup program will look at your local or network location for the relevant files to install.

Now, to use Design Review 2013 without AutoCAD installed, you need to install TrueView.  If you have a version of AutoCAD installed on your computer which is temporarily without a current license (but it is installed on your computer), you'll need to explicitly tell Design Review to use TrueView.

To do so:

Within Design Review 2013, go to the main drop down menu (big "D" in top-left)
Options...(at the bottom middle right of drop down)
→ Click on the DWG Viewing tab
→ and check the box beside Open DWG files using DWG TrueView
→ Click OK.

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Pedro said...

Thanks! The error was annoying and i couldn't resolve it but with your help i was able to install finally! =)